W.T.F. (If you think that this stands for Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. then you may want to clutch your pearls before you keep reading.)

This section is for all the times when you read a term in one of my posts and you are like – What. the. F.?

I’ll admit it. I make up words and/or use made up words. It’s hereditary. No, really it is. My mother just made up the word “sourry” (only she firmly believes it is an actual word – the dictionaries have it wrong – not her. Right.)

And after I finish this post I pretty sure that my spell check is going to ask me for a raise, a very big one.

So let us begin….

Drunchies (v.) – the action of being drunk and having the munchies simultaneously. The only remedy is greasy, unhealthy and oh-so-good fast food or liquor store shopping sprees.

Edumacate (v.) – to educate. (don’t look at me like that – I know its ratched. that’s why I love it.)

Hangry (adj.) or Hangriness (n.) – Hungry + Angry. This explains my sister’s constant “Bitchy Resting Face.” #loveyouGoldfish

Imaginary car (n.) – a motor vehicle that is invisible to those who are not sufficiently intoxicated. Imaginary cars are primarily used for last night fast food runs, practical jokes, and by broke fools on first dates.

Ratchet (n.) –  a situation or process that is perceived to be deteriorating or changing steadily in a series of irreversible steps. or in simpler terms: A HOT ASS MESS.