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Nickname: Mo DEEZY

Known Aliases: O.P.I.C. (My O.riginal P.artner i.n C.rime), My R + D Ho ( My R.ide and Ho – she will ride with me… until I die… and then she will make sure I look fierce at my funeral…#morbid but you know you’re secretly jealous #deathcanttearusapart)

Background History: You know how besties are always like, “It was love at first sight!” or “We were inseperable immediately!”….yeah, there was none of that. We carpooled to school together. That was it. Until…we both realized that we both had BATSHITCRAZY parents. And the only way to survive was to form a union and fight for our rights. We did. And we lost. But at least we still have each other. #always

Height: 5’4 ish

Weight: 100 pounds or less. I’m still shocked the number of times she was able to help me to my bed. And by help I mean half drag/half carry me. Otherwise as she will tell you, you would probably find me in the morning on a driveway…with a stranger…or…

Additional Notes: She is the reason I’m BATSHITCRAZY, but ALIVE. #truestory

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  1. Nicole says

    That is awesome to hear!! Your extremely lucky, because I unfortunately don’t have the luxury of having friends or even a best friend. Keep up your amazing work…love reading your blogs 🙂

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