It may be my BATSHITCRAZY life, but I wouldn't be ME without THEM. So this is their chance to share THEIR side. uncensored. and unapologetic. #ohshitisright


Nickname: Mo DEEZY Known Aliases: O.P.I.C. (My O.riginal P.artner i.n C.rime), My R + D Ho ( My R.ide and Ho - she will ride with me... until I die... and then she will make sure I look fierce at my funeral...#morbid but you know you're secretly jealous #deathcanttearusapart) Background History: You know how besties are always like, "It was love at first sight!" or … [Read more...]

I could tell you…

As King B’s road dawg, bestie, ride or die ho, I have so many stories I don’t know where to start. I could tell you about her 23rd birthday, where a poor Marine had to beg her not to have sex with him. His facial expression was a combination of sheer terror and pure innocence, picture an adorable puppy dog...with a wolf chasing after it. And I think you can guess who the … [Read more...]