Confession - cheaper than therapy, better than gossiping.

Today’s #CONFESSION: “I get so lonely…” #JanetJackson

I get so lonely Can't let just anybody hold me You are the one that lives in me, my dear Want no one but you Sittin here with my tears All alone with my fears I'm wonderin if I have to do Withoutcha But there's no reason why I feel asleep late last night Cryin like a newborn child Holdin myself close Pretendin my arms are yours I want no one but you Sometimes the … [Read more...]

I’m scared to share but I’m even more scared not to…

I'm scared shitless to write this post. Ok, actually I'm pretty regular on the potty...except for the 6 days I recently spent in jail but we'll save that story for later. #cliffhanger I don't know why I always think it'll be different for me. "I would like that." "If that happened to me...I would definitely leave." Well it did and I didn't. And if … [Read more...]

I woke up like THIS….#Beyonce

"I'd be less tired if I didn't have to wake up early to make my face look less tired. " I'm all for Beyonce's "I WOKE UP LIKE THIS" movement but for some of us - it's just not that cute, let alone #FLAWLESS.   Not to mention if it's the "Morning After" - how I affectionately refer to the morning after a night of dropping it low, shaking it fast, and getting the goods. and boy … [Read more...]

B*tch better have my post. #ASAP

"Sometimes I feel like throwing in the towel....But that would only make more laundry for me." So….I have a little or A LOT of explaining to do.   But I’m not ready…. #yet   Lame. I know. But don’t worry…. I’m not going to give you blue balls. #again So I’ll share this much – one of these is NOT true: I’ve been to rehab. I’ve been to … [Read more...]


Hey y'all, So I'm a #hotmess and forget to formally announce the winners of the Halloween Giveaway. BUT I didn't forget to send out your goodies. #winning The winners are [insert imaginary drumroll]... Jenna Crippa Caitlin Britt Steph Mok Congrats betches!! P.S. If you want to check out their #amazeballs goodies check out my Instagram … [Read more...]