Confession - cheaper than therapy, better than gossiping.

I woke up like THIS….#Beyonce

"I'd be less tired if I didn't have to wake up early to make my face look less tired. " I'm all for Beyonce's "I WOKE UP LIKE THIS" movement but for some of us - it's just not that cute, let alone #FLAWLESS.   Not to mention if it's the "Morning After" - how I affectionately refer to the morning after a night of dropping it low, shaking it fast, and getting the goods. and boy … [Read more...]

B*tch better have my post. #ASAP

"Sometimes I feel like throwing in the towel....But that would only make more laundry for me." So….I have a little or A LOT of explaining to do.   But I’m not ready…. #yet   Lame. I know. But don’t worry…. I’m not going to give you blue balls. #again So I’ll share this much – one of these is NOT true: I’ve been to rehab. I’ve been to … [Read more...]


Hey y'all, So I'm a #hotmess and forget to formally announce the winners of the Halloween Giveaway. BUT I didn't forget to send out your goodies. #winning The winners are [insert imaginary drumroll]... Jenna Crippa Caitlin Britt Steph Mok Congrats betches!! P.S. If you want to check out their #amazeballs goodies check out my Instagram … [Read more...]

Just because he’s over his ex….doesn’t mean his d*ck is too. #fml – PART II

This blog post is dedicated to Mercedes Murray.'s patience. yet another virtue that I don't have. #shocker If you haven't read Part I  or "Will you be my future ex-wife? BEST. PROPOSAL. EVER." then I suggest you go read them, and then come back. and by suggest I mean do-it-my-way-but-lets-pretend-it-was-just-a-suggestion. Now for the rest of you....  ➤ ➣ ➢               … [Read more...]