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I can't promise that you'll love it, but I can promise that I will suffer through it with you. #thatstruelove

W.o.W • Workout Wednesdays (Vol. 6) • Diets SUCK. #balls

"I'm on that new diet where you eat everything and pray for a miracle." I swear I think dieting is like a rite of passage that every girl must endure. only I never "passed" through this stage. #fml I have spent the last 10+ years obsessed with reaching my "dream" weight. and by obsessed I mean my life has revolved around eating, then not eating.  then eating. and eating. … [Read more...]

W.o.W • Workout Wednesdays (Vol. 5) • Sneaky Summer

  "Summer has snuck up once again on me and my giant ass." I love surprises. Except when they come through the back door...or down my throat. And no, I am not referring to an appendage usually found on the male anatomy...at least not this time. #hotmess I'm talking about summer and strep throat. #fml While I recognize that summer is a season, not a person for the … [Read more...]

W.o.W • Workout Wednesdays (Vol. 4) • Brides, Buddies, and Bodies

"↠HUNGER GAMES↞What a great theme for our reunion!" I feel like I'm back in college trying to get a paper finished before the midnight deadline. And by before, I mean 11:59 pm. If I told you all the deviant ways I cheated the system they might try to take my college degree back. #notakebacks I don't know about you, but nothing motivates me more to get into peak physical … [Read more...]

W.o.W • Workout Wednesdays (Vol. 2) • Cleanses, Chickens, and Cheating

"I miss you like a person on a cleanse misses their sanity." I am trying to do a cleanse. Trying being the key word. What I am really trying to do is look at everyone without thinking, "Wow! Your arm really looks like a chicken drumstick." A BIG,  juicy, drumstick dipped in barbecue sauce with a hint of chipotle flavoring..... Ok. I'm back from my chicken fantasy. And yes, … [Read more...]