From one curious “explorer” to another….To Lena Dunham, with love B

"You know, I always think of myself as sort of ready for every criticism. " ~ Lena Dunham Lena dearest, If you're going to put your shiz out there then you have to be ready for the backlash // criticism from prudes and "conservative" journalists. Technically they are protected under the first amendment. the same amendment that protects you from prosecution and persecution … [Read more...]

From one #BATSHITCRAZY betch to another….To Amanda Bynes, with love B

My dearest Amanda, First off, you're not "crazy". but you do got some issues boo. How you choose to define them is your business but unfortunately the medical community doesn't accept suggestions for how to improve their terminology - believe me I've tried. but that doesn't mean I haven't made a few unofficial classifications, ie. #BATSHITCRAZY = Bipolar. I've accepted my … [Read more...]

From one “insane”ly #gorgeous girl to another, To my “normies” + my “crazies”, with love B

A week ago ______ told me that she wanted to kill herself. Don't panic. She's still alive. Not because she decided she wanted to live, but because she loves us [me and those who care about her] too much to hurt us. [For the sake of  ______ 's privacy I've decided to omit her name until she gives me permission to include it. and no it's not because i'm scared of … [Read more...]

From one reality tv “whore” to another…To my #ratchet reality tv stars, with love B

(As first published in the BIG SMOKE)   "You call it bipolar, I call it predictably UNPREDICTABLE." I love reality Tv. I really do. I adore the ratchetness that has become a staple of American television. My personal favorites are Love and Hip Hop (think the Superbowl of Ratchetness - last season one guy married his side piece while living with his partner … [Read more...]