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A Mother's love...

Just one of dem days…and no I’m not PMS-ing. #youtriedit

Just one of them days That a girl goes through When I'm angry inside Don't want to take it out on you* Actually I do want to take it out on you. That's the problem. And if you don't know what the hell I'm talking about I'm going to pretend that you're having a momentary brain fart and help you out [see the video below]. Because this was//is//forever will one of my … [Read more...]

“You smell…You smell like a used tampon.” – my dearest mother said to me.

That's how I love to start my Saturday mornings.  Nothing snaps you out of hangover quite like being compared to soiled menstrual pad. So what should I aspire to smell like - an unused tampon? in or out of the wrapping? light, regular, or super? So many options!  And to think that my mother and I are actually getting along right now. You know how people always talk about … [Read more...]